Therapists Making The Difference

Therapists Making The Difference

Our focus is on a whole-school development approach and we host a multi-disciplinary and independent support team on-site. This approach has been formulated to assist the child in succeeding academically.

Working Collaboratively

Newton House College teachers are trained specialists in their ability to view each student holistically, which includes an in-depth understanding of both cognitive ability as well as social/emotional development.

Collaboration between teachers and therapists is important when it comes to supporting the success of each student at the school, with teachers also regularly communicating with parents.

Meet the Newton House Therapists

Occupational Therapists


Educational Psychologists

Clinical Psychologists

Speech & Language Therapists

Remedial Therapists

Many children struggle in school and for students to reach their full potential, some may require additional support to address shortfalls in their ability.


Early intervention has proven to increase a child’s chances of remediating their barriers to learning so that they are better prepared for the oncoming school years.

Insights from an expert

The Role that Therapists Play

An Environment for Growth

Remedial vs. Assisted Learning

Academic Solutions

The Role of a Therapist On Site

Educational Psychologists

Mrs M du Plessis
Marijke du Plessis
HPCSA No: PS 0151513
PR: 0985945

I am an Educational Psychologist specialising in learning difficulties. I provide services such as psycho-educational assessments, school readiness assessments, dyslexia screening assessments, concession assessments as well as structured reading programs and remedial therapy.

Clinical Psychologists

Christopher Langefeld
HPCSA No: PS 0130893
PR: 0665517

I am passionate about assisting children and adolescents in dealing with and adjusting to emotional, relational, behavioural and developmental difficulties from the scope of a clinical practice.

Saskia Gabriella
HPCSA No: PS 0135801
PR: 0746738

I have a passion for children and a long history of working with them in different. I believe therapy provides space for expression for children who find it difficult to express themselves in words. It provides the opportunity for children to share their emotions, desires, thoughts, and fears in a non-threatening way.

Occupational Therapists


Bronwyn van Tooren
HPCSA No: OT 0054623
PR: 0113069

I believe good sensory integration is key to an organised confident and happy child. Without it – nothing in their world makes sense.

Veda da Silva
HPCSA No: OT 0035181
PR: 0016799

I use play to create new pathways that enable growth, development and learning. My ultimate goal is to build on a child’s potential and their belief in their own ability to succeed.

Speech & Language Therapists

Alison Dent
HPCSA No: ST 0008680
PR: 820788

I have a special interest in assisting children reach their social, emotional and academic potential through addressing areas of speech, language and auditory perceptual difficulty.

Remedial Therapists

Marilyn Vickers

As a Remedial teacher I help children achieve their full potential and self-worth. I specialise in encouraging pupils to love Mathematics and reading and focus on each child’s comprehension of the story, written instructions and Mathematical vocabulary.

Ms K Langefeld
Ms Kim Langefeld

As a qualified remedial teacher and specialist in Mathematics, my aim is to ensure I create a non-intimidating and focused environment for each child.

Claudia Crompton

As a qualified remedial teacher and specialist in Mathematics, my aim is to ensure I create a non-intimidating and focused environment for each child.

If you are a therapist and would like to have an association with Newton House School, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have many questions you’d like to ask. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of FAQs ranging from our Christian ethos; school fees; and tax deductions through to learning the difference between assisted learning, remedial education, bridging classes and homeschooling. Visit this page to see if we have answered your questions. Alternatively, feel free to contact us. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your child and their individual needs.