Our Staff

Teachers At Newton House School

Teachers at Newton House understand that all children are different and often learn differently too.

Our greatest asset is our Teachers

Our teachers are equipped to deal with the remedial or assisted learning needs of each child, providing a caring and safe environment for individual development. We are focused on working with the children so that they leave school prepared for the future.

They also have the patience to re-explain concepts and spend one-on-one time wherever feasible. As part of the extra-mural curriculum, support classes are offered to provide additional time for this.

Smaller class sizes also provide a platform for more teacher-child interaction, allowing  teachers to keep a close eye on what each child is producing in lessons and monitor their concentration levels.

If you are a teacher and are interested in being part of our excellent team, please contact us.

Ground Staff

The facilities at Newton House School play a large role in the overall student experience and we have an excellent team looking after our grounds.

Administration Staff

Having a well organised administration function ensures that the school operates like clockwork. Our formidable team works as a unit, managing the administration of our school.

  • Mrs J De Wit
    Mrs J De Wit
  • Mrs A Baxter
    Mrs A Baxter
  • Mrs P Kaunda
    Mrs P Kaunda
  • Mrs T Shereni
    Mrs T Shereni

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have many questions you’d like to ask. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of FAQs ranging from our Christian ethos; school fees; and tax deductions through to learning the difference between assisted learning, remedial education, bridging classes and homeschooling. Visit this page to see if we have answered your questions. Alternatively, feel free to contact us. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your child and their individual needs.